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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

St Michaels Lodge No: 2136

The consecration was performed on 24th March 1886.  The Lodge took its name from the local parish church of Bishop's Stortford. The original suggested emblem was the Hertfordshire Hart, surmounted by a square and compass, but was later replaced, with what is presumably a representation of  St Michael as an Archangel, the origins of which are unknown. It was presented by an initiate on 5th October 1887 but he sadly died as a fellowcraft later the same year. For many years meetings were held at the Chequers Hotel in Bishop’s Stortford, but in 1934 the present building was purchased and has been improved and maintained by the brethren ever since. The banner does not appear to have been dedicated.

The banner was restored, including some repainting of the central picture, just ahead of the 125th anniversary of the lodge and was then dedicated in 2011. Due to its age and fragile condition, the banner is now permanently displayed in the entrance hall at the Sawbridgworth Masonic Centre. It depicts a winged St.Michael with sword and shield standing on a slain serpent or dragon.

A new banner was commissioned, havng been funded by lodge members, and was dedicated in April 2022 by John Norris APGM. 



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