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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Dacre Lodge No: 2086
The lodge is named after Thomas Brand, 22nd Lord Dacre of the Hoo, Kimpton, Member of Parliament for Hertfordshire, 1847-1852, whose family coat of arms has been adopted as the lodge crest. The lodge was consecrated at the assembly rooms, Stevenage, on 27th June 1885, when seven of the ten petitioners were members of Cecil Lodge No. 449. The centenary meeting of the Lodge was held at the Rickmansworth Masonic School on 15th July 1985, when the RW Provincial Grand Master, Godfrey BW Kent, after accepting the gavel from the Worshipful Master, presented him with a centenary jewel and collar. 

The banner was presented in 1892 by the 8th Master Rev  HF Oliver.  In 1965 it was repaired by W.Bro CH Gilbert of Cathedral Lodge. It does not appear to have been dedicated or rededicated. The motto ‘Pour Bien Desirer' is of the Dacre/Sackville family, translated as ‘For Many Be Desired’.


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