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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Stability in Hertfordshire Lodge No: 9102

This lodge was sponsored by the James Terry Lodge No. 2372 and a number of masons living in Hertfordshire. They had been members of, or had connection with the sixteen lodges in England who used Stability Working, and who met once a year in Norfolk for a combined meeting.


The lodge was consecrated on 13th April, 1984.


The banner was dedicated 21st September 2009, at the 25th Anniversary meeting. The emblem is circular with King Neptune seen holding a trident and a globe surmounted by a bird, above the ocean. Immediately below Is the coat of arms of James Terry, in allusion to the sponsoring lodge.

The lodge was erased at the Grand Lodge meeting of 22nd June 2022. The banner has been retained by a member who was instrumental in providing it.

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