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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Daneswood Lodge No: 9087

Middlesex Masons from Harrow, who also met at Radlett masonic centre, together with friends from London, Buckinghamshire and elsewhere decided to form a lodge to meet at Radlett. The lodge was consecrated on 21st September 1983.

The lodge's name is in two parts, firstly, the “Danes” part of the name took its rise from medieval history, because Watling street passes close to the Radlett masonic centre and in medieval times was the ancient boundary between the Saxons and the Danes.  During the ninth century AD, the Danish leader Guthrum agreed at the peace of Wedmore to withdraw from Wessex and that part of Mercia, west of Watling street. Therefore, Watling street became the boundary between Wessex, ruled by the Anglo Saxon king Alfred the Great, in the south west, and the land subject to Danelaw in the North East. In the era of peace that followed, King Alfred extended and consolidated the shire system of government, supervised finance, the administration of justice, and codification of law.

He also revived learning by establishing a school at his court, thus ending the so-called “dark ages”.


The second part “wood” came about because in ancient times, much of England was covered by great forests, some of which remained until recently. Local names such as Bricket Wood, Berry Wood, Borehamwood, Chorleywood and Wood Hall reminds us of this fact. Also, the sponsoring lodge was Rosewood lodge no:8793, which in turn was sponsored by Kingswood lodge no:2278.


Thus, the banner and lodge logo shows a Danish helmet in the north east and a tree evoking a wood, in the South West, separated by a spear, pointed at each tip, symbolising Watling street dividing the domains of Wessex and Mercia. The pennants on the tips of the spear represent the standards of those two rulers, King Alfred the Great and Guthrum the Dane.

The banner was dedicated 23rd January 1992 by RRW Bro Michael Batham-Jones, PGM.  It was made by W.Bro Rev Andrew Davey’s mother Betty and donated by W.Bro. Davey and his father Henry. 

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