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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Stuart Lodge No: 8578

Expatriate Scots in English Lodges, together with English freemasons, formed the Stuart Lodge which was consecrated on 27th June 1974.  The ritual is English (Taylors), the three pedestals being covered with Stuart tartan.  The festive board top table is covered with Stuart tartan and the master piped in on installation night should he so desire it. 


The banner was dedicated 9th September 1982 and was designed by Bro.Alan Dainton, made by Mrs Marion Chivers, wife of Ray Chivers, and Mrs Linda Fyfe.  The banner was presented by W.Bro.Stuart Ross and the entertainment committee. The lodge crest shows the oak tree in which Charles Stuart (later King Charles II) reputably hid.  The Hertfordshire Hart is superimposed on it, whilst corn and thistles edge the design. It also includes masonic symbols, of the heavy maul, square and compasses, level and ruler.  

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