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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Three Rivers Lodge No: 9078

This lodge was formed and consecrated on 10th June 1983, because the sponsoring lodge, Croxley Green Lodge No. 8636, was getting too large and it was felt many of the younger Brethren were having to wait too long for promotion. As several of the founders lived or worked in the Rickmansworth area, the lodge name was taken from the local district with the main part of the banner symbolising the three rivers, Gade, Colne and Chess which form the “Three Rivers” District council area of Hertfordshire, together with the Hertfordshire Hart and Square and Compasses. 


The banner was dedicated 12th June 1987 and was in memory of the late W.Bro.WD Jackson a prospective and leading founder who had sadly died.  It was made by W.Bro.Jackson’s widow, Glennys.  At the bottom of the banner is a very small interpretation of 4 bowling woods as a permanent reminder of W.Bro.Jackson’s favourite past time and in some way compensates for not having his name amongst the founders. 

The brass stave and finely crafted square and compass terminals were made and donated by W.Bro. F. Higginbotham who was a copper smith. He also made a banner stand, originally for his mother lodge, The Sunset Lodge No. 5788 which now no longer exists, and being a founder member of the Three Rivers Lodge, he rescued it from the closed lodge and presented it, through the Three Rivers Lodge, to Ashwell House for the use of all Lodges using that centre. A description of this stand is contained within the lodge archives.

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