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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Stanstead Abbotts Lodge No: 9085

The lodge was consecrated on 20th October 1983, by RW Bro Guy Halsey at Mayflower Place, Hertingfordbury. The town of Stanstead Abbotts was originally called Stansted, but after it had become part of the lands of the Abbots of Waltham Holy Cross, it became known by its current name, some seven hundred years ago. In the Domesday Book, Stansted was one of the County's four boroughs, therefore being a place of considerable antiquity, the name was thought ideal for the lodge.


The centre of the banner depicts the old Clock House in Stanstead Abbotts founded nearly 350 years ago as a free grammar school for the sons of local inhabitants which is on a square pavement and enclosed within the square and compasses surmounted by the Hertfordshire Hart.


The banner was dedicated 29th October 1992 having been donated by W.Bro. PD Coleman.

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