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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Wayfarers Lodge No: 1926

The installation of the first master of the Wayfarers Lodge was performed in Valletta, Malta, on 27th May 1881, at a regular meeting of the Lodge of St. John and St. Paul No. 349 by RW Bro William Kingston the District Grand Master of Malta. The Lodge banner was presented by W Bro G.D. Roe the first master of the Lodge in November 1881 and the banner having been made by his wife. It  is worthy of note that the warrant was not issued until 12th July 1881 and that no formal consecration was carried out. There were twenty-eight "founders" all of whom were serving members of Her Majesty's Armed Services. There is no photograph of this banner.

The Members came mainly from the Union of Malta Lodge no. 407 (E.C.), and Leinster Lodge No. 387 (I.C.), both meeting in Malta, the Royal Eagle Lodge No. 160 (S.C.) meeting in Edinburgh, The Royal Lodge No. 207 (E.C.) meeting in Kingston, Jamaica, The United Services Lodge No. 215 (I.C.) meeting in Newbridge, Ireland, and The Royal Star Lodge No. 398 (E.C.) meeting at Halifax, Nova Scotia. The founders adopted for the Banner emblem, the flags of Great Britain and Malta on a shield.


A new banner was presented February 20th 1957 by W.Bro CC Williams.  The lodge joined the Province of Hertfordshire in 1987.  The first photograph is that of the banner, whilst the second depicts the inscription sewn into the banner to commemorate the 50th anniversary. 

The initials in the above paragraphs are: I.C. - Irish Constitution, S.C. - Scottish Constitution, and E.C. - English Constitution.

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