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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Earl of Clarendon Lodge  No: 1984
During the early 1880's, the Founders of the Earl of Clarendon Lodge No. 1984 originally intended to name the Lodge, 'The Clarendon Lodge". The then Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Sir Thomas Halsey objected to the proposed name. He had intended suggesting other names but was forestalled by the Founders, who had already approached Edward Hyde Villiers, 5th Earl of Clarendon, of The Grove, Watford for permission to call the Lodge by his name. This he readily agreed to but pointed out that he was not a mason. Thus the Lodge commemorates the long and loyal service of the Clarendon family to both their monarch and country, and carries an honourable and highly esteemed name of which it is fully proud.

The original banner was dedicated at the lodge's consecration on 13th December, 1882. Whilst the Lodge history refers to the original banner being framed and hung at the Watford Hall in 1982, there appears to be no record of its origin, donor, or dedication. The motto "Fidei Coticula Crux" means "The cross is the touchstone of faith".The current banner was dedicated 26th January 1983, and re-dedicated 23rd January 2007 at the Lodge's 125th Anniversary. The arms depicted on the Banner are that of the 5th Earl of Clarendon.

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