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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Winchmore Green Lodge No: 9116

The families of the well known Brewers: Walkers, Taylors, Paulins, Manns, and Booths, who all resided locally were a great influence on the way in which the area of Winchmore was developed, and so it is without doubt that those of us who do partake of a glass of ale, are duly grateful for their continued enterprise.


The idea of forming a Lodge was conceived at the King's Head Hotel overlooking the Green, where many of the founders (mostly businessmen living nearby) would frequent with their wives.


Accordingly the lodge was founded and consecrated on 30th April 1984.

The wives of the members of the newly formed Lodge presented a signed copy of the Holy Bible, which is now set in its prominent position at Regular Meetings at the Southgate Masonic Centre. In Vicars Moors Lane today, it can be observed that on the front elevation of the local public house (once owned by the Manns and Paulins families) is depicted a fiery "Green Dragon". This fiery "Green Dragon", which was once said to roam the area many thousands of years ago, was adopted as the Lodge's emblem. The banner was dedicated on 2nd February 1988.

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