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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Bombay Lodge No: 3651

The lodge was formed and consecrated on 28th April, 1913 in Bombay, India, as the "Army and Navy Lodge" for Masonic pleasure of Army and Navy personnel stationed in and near Bombay, with the founder members mainly from the Sherwood Foresters Regiment, with others from the Kings Light Infantry, the 7th Dragoons, the 24th Punjab and Royal Ordnance Corps. Naval personnel came from HMS Perseus, a Pelorus class Cruiser that was used for Port patrol duties .

In 1968 due to falling membership and political competition from the Grand Lodge of India, the lodge transferred to England. The lodge's name had to be changed to 'Bombay' as an 'Army and Navy' Lodge already existed in London. In 1982, the Lodge moved to 'Happy Hertfordshire' which served as a central location for the majority of its brethren at that time.


The new lodge banner was dedicated on 19th February, 1988. Unusually this was affixed to the reverse of the original "Army & Navy" banner thus preserving the connection. The design closely follows the original consisting of crossed flags (the White Ensign and the Union Jack) with a crown above. Beneath the flags is an Anchor and chain. These items  reflecting the original name of the lodge.

The Lodge celebrated 100 years of existence in 2013 and to this day continues its tradition of being a happy and welcoming lodge.

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