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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Earl Strafford Lodge No: 3500

The Lodge was consecrated by the Prov. Grand Master of Middlesex, the RT. Hon. Lord George Hamilton at the Masonic Temple of Pagani's Restaurant, Gt. Portland Street, W1 by dispensation from Grand Lodge on 16th February 1911. The founders were keen to have a local name for the Lodge and approached the RT. Hon. and Rev. Francis Edmund Cecil Byng, Earl of Strafford, Past Grand Chaplain of England to use the title, to which he kindly agreed. The founders jewel, badge and the banner incorporate the arms, crest and motto of the Byng family.

The motto ‘Tuebor’ on the banner means "I will protect". 


The Lodge was formed by a number of brethren who lived in the north of London, who wished to practice freemasonry generally in less pretentious circumstances than did their mother lodges in the West End. In common with many others, the lodge experienced difficulties during the years of the first and second world wars with many members joining the services. There were several changes of venue in Middlesex, together with the formation and consecration of three daughter Lodges.


In 2004 to reflect the change in the location of membership, the lodge joined the Province of Hertfordshire. The first meeting was held on 13th October 2004 at Halsey Masonic Hall, Cheshunt. 

In celebration of their centenary the lodge sought to replace the banner, which meant that certain hurdles had to be overcome with which the Province gave much assistance. The coat of Arms had to be verified by the Heralds of the College of Arms to ensure no variation had taken place from the design they have registered, which admittedly has undergone permitted modification since its initial award by King Charles I to Thomas Wentworth. Grand Lodge insisted that the current holder of the Earldom, the 8th Earl Strafford must give his written approval for the Lodge to continue to use his family Coat of Arms on the replacement Lodge banner which was successfully granted.​

The Lodge celebrated its 100th Anniversary at a special meeting on 21st October, 2011 where the new banner was dedicated.



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