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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Boundary Lodge No: 7695

The common link between the founders of the Boundary Lodge was the Diplomatic Wireless Service then based at Borehamwood. The first founders' meetings were held at the Salisbury Hotel in Barnet, and it was agreed that the new lodge should meet at the Red Lion, Barnet, due to the closeness of the county boundary with Middlesex, with the new lodge being called the Boundary Lodge and the boundary line is depicted in the lodge crest and banner by the dotted line.

In 1967, the lodge moved to Ashwell House, St Albans which has been its permanent home ever since, with the exception in 1985 of its 25th Anniversary celebration, which was held at Halsey Hall, Watford, the venue of its consecration on 2nd June 1960.


The banner was dedicated 22nd April 1977. It shows a Hertfordshire Hart over an all-seeing-eye above an open VSL with square and compasses, together with the names of the founders.


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