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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Doric Lodge No: 7686

Thirteen brethren got together in 1959 to form a new lodge, and to allow keen master masons to fulfil their ambition of becoming Worshipful Master. They received considerable encouragement from the Province and Grand Lodge; their petition was granted and the lodge duly  consecrated on 30th March 1960.


It is uncertain why the name “Doric” was chosen but it is assumed it was to make clear the founders desire to form a strong lodge (the Doric column being considered the strongest of all columns).


The lodge acquired its banner which was dedicated by the then PGM RW Bro Guy Halsey on 29th September 1976.  It shows a Doric column supporting a circle within which is a smaller Doric column supporting a sphere under a pair of open compasses.

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