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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Ravenscroft Lodge No: 2331
The Ravenscroft Lodge was consecrated on 17th December, 1889.
Whilst we cannot be 100% certain it is likely that the banner emblem is the coat of arms of the Ravenscroft family after whom the Lodge is named. James Ravenscroft was a merchant of High Holborn, who in 1679 founded Jesus Hospital at Chipping Barnet and who later that year, endowed the Parish Church.  The coat of arms of the family depicts three ravens facing west along with the triangular bar (a somewhat flattened masonic square), across the middle.
The banner was dedicated on 1st November 1975.  This Lodge is now closed and the banner is stored at Fleet House. The associated Royal Arch Chapter  was transferred to Copenhagen in Denmark on 12th March 2023.
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