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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Bushey Hall Lodge No: 2323

There is nothing in the Lodge records to disclose the identity of any sponsoring Lodge, so it could be assumed that the founders petitioned Grand Lodge direct, but there is evidence elsewhere that Watford Lodge No. 404 supported the petition. The founders were principally made up of members of the Bushey Hall Golf Club. The ceremony of consecration was conducted by RW Bro T F Halsey MP, Provincial Grand Master, at The Hall Bushey on 2nd November 1889.



The lodge can boast of two later Provincial Grand Masters among its past distinguished membership - RW Bro Charles Edward Keyser (1924 - 30), and RW Bro Joseph Moffet (1952 - 63). The lodge had a very close relationship with the Royal Masonic Boy's School at Bushey; many masters of the school being members. 

Since the Lodge closed a very old and rather dilapidated banner (1st picture) has been found at the Watford Masonic Centre. it is identical to the embroidered 1940 banner above all though it probably precedes it by some time. The photo of the original banner shows the very poor condition and as it is in such bad condition the Lodge (through its Past Members) has agreed for its disposal. There is no record within the lodge history as to the origin and date of this "earlier" banner.


The later banner was presented to the Lodge in 1940 by the wife of Bro.Keat, to commemorate his second term as master and the Lodges 50th anniversary.  Mrs Keat had made the banner in tapestry and had taken two years to complete it.  A panel sewn to the reverse of the banner records this. The central emblem depicts The Hall, Bushey later to become the Bushey Hall hotel and subsequently demolished. The Lodge banner was originally thought to represent the front of the Royal Masonic Boy's School but it has since been positively identified as The Hall, Bushey where the lodge was consecrated.    


The Lodge is now closed with the "Keat" banner being stored at Fleet House.

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