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Province of Hertfordshire - 2017 Banner Project

Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Camperdown Lodge No: 5250
The lodge was consecrated on 16th March 1931.  The banner had been presented to the lodge by the wives of the founders in 1931 as a means to associate themselves with the new lodge and it was dedicated 23rd March 1932. The motto ‘Ad Alta’ denotes ‘To Higher Things’.
The emblem of the golden rampant lion is that of the Jewish Lads Brigade which had been founded in 1896 and whose members formed the Lodge. In 1964 the organisation admitted Girls and in 1974 the it was renamed the Jewish Boys and Girls Brigade. The name Camperdown is named after the headquarters of the Jewish Lads Brigade at Camperdown House. 
This lodge was originally a London Lodge and transferred to Hertfordshire. Unfortunately the final meeting of Camperdown Lodge took place at the Masonic Hall Radlett on Wednesday 29th February 2012. When this lodge closed, one of the senior past masters specifically requested to have the banner kept at his house, and the lodge agreed. 
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