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Province of Hertfordshire - 2017 Banner Project

Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Walnut Tree Lodge No: 5192

Several brethren who resided in the Tottenham area of north London made a proposition, "That a regular lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted masons be formed and called the Northumberland Lodge to he held in the Province of Hertfordshire, if sanctioned by the Grand Master". At first it appears odd that brethren residing in Tottenham should decide to meet in Hertfordshire, but some of the founders, for instance W. Bros A H Bowen and A H Sinyth, were founders and past masters of Halsey Hall Lodge No. 4752.

This Lodge had been formed to build a Masonic Home in South East Hertfordshire and Walnut Tree House, in Cheshunt, had been purchased. There must have been some consternation when a communication from the Grand Secretary stated that a Warrant had been granted under the name of Walnut Tree and allocated No. 5192. Whether the Lodge was called after Walnut Tree House is not known, but every indication is that it was. The documents relating to the sale of Walnut Tree House at the time of the setting up of the Centre are not available, but thanks to the Lodge of Faith for Duty No. 6833, the conveyance for the earlier sale of the House has been donated to Walnut Tree Lodge. The details of that transaction are as follows: "On 29th November 1894, for the sum of £3,000, Mr. Richard Cobley of Butts Cross Farm, Waltham Cross, purchased from a Mr. John Betts, a butcher of Knightsbridge, "all that messuage or tenements with the Lodge and buildings, yards, gardens, meadows, lands and appurtenances called or known by the name of 'Walnut Tree House` ". The property of two and a half acres with a frontage of 250 feet was eventually acquired for £3,150 in 1929. The building first opened for Masonic purposes on 4th September 1930 the Walnut Tree Lodge having been consecrated on 24th July 1930. 


The main Banner shows the roll of Masters from 1930 to 1979.  Two side hanging Banners each with a Walnut tree at the top, continue the list to date.  The top emblem of the main Banner is also  a walnut tree.  The original banner was presented by W.Bro. CE Cooper on 10th March 1934.  The banner was refurbished December 1975 apparently without ceremony.  There is no record of the two side banners being presented or purchased.


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