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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Cheshunt Lodge No: 2921

The first recorded meeting of the lodge founders took place on Saturday 20th July 1902 at Frascati’s Restaurant in Oxford Street, London, when the name of the Cheshunt Lodge was decided. Although there is a minute of this meeting, there must have been earlier meetings, as it does not refer to the petition which must have been signed by the original founders; neither does it refer to the objects of the Lodge should that petition receive favourable consideration. In addition there is no reference to the James Terry Lodge, No 2372 who sponsored the petition to form this lodge.

The Lodge was consecrated by dispensation at the Great Eastern Hotel, Liverpool St, London, on 31st October, 1902 by the Provincial Grand Master, T.F. Halsey MP. Interestingly, the James Terry Mark Lodge was consecrated on the same day and in the same building. The old banner now very well worn, shows the Hertfordshire Hart in the centre in a scroll and underneath a rampant Lion. A crown and the words "Coronation Year" are added. The exact date of consecration is not noted on the banner but the coronation was obviously that of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in August 1902 the coronation date having been deferred from 26th June as the King was indisposed.


The current banner was designed by W.Bro. Colin Childs PJGD and dedicated on 20th February 2010 and was donated in memory of W.Bro Albert Henry Truckle who had been Worshipful Master in 1964. The centre shows the Hertfordshire Hart in a square lozenge with the Hallstone Jewel, to show that the lodge contributed to the building of Freemasons Hall in Great Queen Street above, two columns and various masonic symbols.

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