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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Ware Lodge No: 3002
Ware Lodge owes its existence to eleven brethren of Ware, who after searching for a sponsor Lodge, Charles Edward Keyser Lodge No. 2518 was happy to oblige and in gratitude, one of its Past Masters, W Bro A J Bisdee, was invited to be first Master and accepted. The lodge was consecrated by RW Bro The Rt Hon T F Halsey MP, the then Provincial Grand Master, in the Vicar's Room, Ware on 11th January, 1904.
The banner shows a view of St Mary's Churh, Ware, which is at the north end of the high street. It is enclosed within a circle and is underneath a Hart, with the church motif surrounded on left and right by laurel leaves. The Lodge crest is similar but the laurels are interspaced by the Square and Compasses.
The banner was dedicated in the centenary year, on 9th March 2004.
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