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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Wilson-Iles Lodge No: 2054

Wilson-Iles Lodge was consecrated at the Four Swan's Hotel, Waltham Cross under the authority of a warrant dated 22nd May 1884, the lodge being consecrated a litte later on 23rd July 1884.  The Lodge had the honour to bear the name of Dr. Francis Henry Wilson-Iles, Deputy Provincial Grand Master in 1879 and a highly respected surgeon of Watford. He died of blood poisoning, resulting from a scratch sustained whilst operating on a child infected with diphtheria; a grievous loss to his profession, to freemasonry and the many people who knew him.

The first banner was presented in 1884, the current banner was presented by W.Bro FW Longman, WM 1940-1941. Neither banner appears to have been dedicated. The Latin motto of the Lodge under the crest "Vi et Virtute" is translated as “Life and Honour” and also as "Be Strength and Valour". The coat of arms on the banner is similar to that of the "Iles" branch of the Wilson-Iles family. 

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