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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Gaddesden Lodge No: 3398
The name of the lodge emanates from the house in which the then Provincial Grand Master, Sir Frederick Halsey, Bart, resided. The central part of the banner is a depiction of the house. The Lodge motto, which is not on the banner, “Nescit vox missa reverti” is the Halsey family motto, “My word is my bond – or the spoken word cannot be recalled”.
The rest of the banner contains various masonic symbols all of which are desribed in the Masonic Symbols section of this site. On the reverse of the banner is embroidered ‘In memory of W.Bro. ETJ Gill, MBE, PPGD [Herts], Master 1952’.
The lodge is now closed and the banner has been taken to Ashwell House St Albans and is to be used as the banner for Gaddesden Chapter.
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