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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Eastgate Lodge No: 6694

The lodge was consecrated by VW Bro The Rev Canon F Halsey shortly after the Second World War on 7th July, 1948, to accommodate large numbers of returning brethren ready and willing to take office. Eastgate traces its lineage through its mother lodge, King Harold No. 1327, Nelson Lodge No. 700, and to Lodge No. 86 in the year 1761. The name of the lodge is derived from the geographical location in which the lodge meets. In addition it was chosen as a name which had not previously appeared in the list of lodges under the English Constitution. 


The banner was presented by the founders and was dedicated 21st June 1950.  The emblem shows the outline of the boundaries of the province upon which is a gate in the eastern portion representing the lodge and a rose in the western marking the english constitution and the industry in the locality which includes The Royal National Rose Society's show garden in Chiswell Green, known as the "Garden of the Rose". The lodge has always met in dinner jackets and black tie, and was fondly known in the old days as the “Waiters Lodge.” 

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