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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

St Nicholas Lodge No: 6658
St. Nicholas Lodge came into being in the aftermath of the second world war. During the war years many adults had been relocated to Hertfordshire to work in industries directly related to the war effort. The attendances at the Harpenden Lodge grew to such proportions that a second lodge in the town was considered desirable. The lodge was consecrated on 3rd June 1948.

The first master was W. Bro Arnold Simon OBE, who subsequently became Deputy Provincial Grand Master. 

The first banner (above left) was dedicated 8th June 1949 and made by W.Bro A.Foxen, ProvGWarden of Bedfordshire. This banner is now stored at Fleet House. A second banner was dedicated 3rd June 1998, at the Lodges 50th Anniversary.  It was presented in memory of the late W.Bro.John Bunce and made by Ladies of the Dorcas group of St Nicholas church. In return the Lodge funded a new altar frontal. The banner depicts a full length portrait of Saint Nicholas who is the patron saint of children and sailors. 

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