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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)


Edmonton Latymer Lodge No: 5026

In October 1928, three centuries after its foundation, the Edmonton Latymer School was honoured by the Duke and Duchess of York who opened the new extensions. Three days later the Edmonton Latymer Lodge was consecrated in the Grand Temple in Great Queen Street. The idea had emerged from members of the Latymer Old Boys football club and Latymerian members of the Waltham Abbey and Civitas Lodges. Their petition to the Grand Master was supported by the Edward Latymer Lodge No. 3994, a Lodge of old boys and masters of the Latymer School, Hammersmith. A retired Headmaster of the school occupied the chair in its fiftieth year. The crest is an adaptation of the arms of the Latymer family and the 'Motto' is usually attributed to the headmaster of the school in 1910 with the assurance, that “Qui patitur vincit”meant, "Who endures to the end conquers", or, if you like, "Keep at it". The lodge transferred to the Province of Hertfordshire on 1st May 1980.

The banner was dedicated 17th September 1993, is the original banner and was commissioned to celebrate the 250th Regular Meeting of the Lodge. The design is a reproduction of the Lodge Crest and was manufactured by the ladies of the now defunct regalia department at Great Queen Street. The cost was met by voluntary subscription by the members of the Lodge.

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