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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Lodge of Progress No: 5017



The lodge was consecrated on 7th July 1928 as a daughter lodge of Cranbourne Lodge No: 1580. The original banner was presented by Bro.W. Dangerfield and dedicated 15th November 1930. It depicts the lodge emblem at the top and within the main body is a list of past masters up until 1978. 


A second banner shows the Lodge's crest which consists of a Ships Wheel for steering, a Winged wheel for the search for truth, an

Open Book - a representatio of the Volume of the Sacred Law - for the search for knowledge and the Globe for universal coverage, which denotes that Freemasonry is world-wide.  The banner was dedicated 10th September 1964.This unique and unusual crest was designed by a 17 year old boy, Stanley Vinten-Fenton, the son of the first master with no knowledge of Freemasonry.  His only aim was to produce a design that was pleasing to the eye which would symbolise Progress.  The young man later joined the Lodge and was Master in 1964.  A very full description of the crest and its meaning is in the Lodge archive file. 


The Lodge is now closed and the banner stored at Fleet House.

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