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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Edward and Alexandra Lodge No: 3171

In 1902, preparations were in hand for the coronation of King Edward and his Queen, Alexandra. Some prominent brethren were inspired to form a Lodge in Hertfordshire with a royal title. The coronation was on 9th August 1902.


A petition was deposited and the title "Edward and Alexandra" approved. A reply telegram was received at the consecration ceremony on 19th October, 1906, which read as follows, "I am commanded by the King to thank the members of the Edward and Alexandra Lodge for their good wishes" signed, Ponsonby. The banner depicts portraits of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra; the royal coat of arms; and a list of lodge patronages at the time and is unusual in that it shows the square, level and compasses as well as the VSL and the smooth and rough ashlars, rather than the more traditional "Two Pillars" of the temple. 

The original banner donated in 1906 by the first Master W.Bro.Frederick Foster, was sadly lost during the second world war. A photo of this banner appears in the lodge centenary brochure pictured behind the founders. This banner bears the royal coat of arms, the lodge having gained permission to do so from the palace at the same time as granting of the warrant. A new banner was dedicated 19th June 1976 and presented by W.Bros. CH Robinson and R.G Barrett. This also bears the royal coat of arms at the top. The central panel depicts the King and Queen in a wreath of laurels and surmounted by a crown. At the centenary meeting of 11th November 2006, this banner was re-dedicated.

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