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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Hatfield Lodge No: 3190

Hatfield Lodge, was sponsored by the Cranbourne Lodge No. 1580, and consecrated by the Rt. Hon Thomas Halsey, Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire, at the Midland Hotel, St Pancras, London on 19th December, 1906. The founders, mostly residing in the Hatfield area, were connected with the Islington Board of Guardians. Malcolm Lander, a prominent member of the founders, was the first master. 


The current Banner was re-dedicated at the centenary meeting held on 19th December 2007. The centre depicts a view of Hatfield House (built in 1611) with pillars each side together with other masonic emblems. It also includes references to the 50th anniversary in 1956 and the 75th lodge anniversary in October 1981. 

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