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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Gloriana Lodge No: 6334

The sponsors of Gloriana Lodge were the brethren of the King Henry VIII Lodge No. 1757.  The lodge was consecrated by VW Bro Rev. Canon Frederick Halsey, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, on 25th January 1947.


The current banner was dedicated 17th June 1983 being the 150th meeting. Rather strangely the Jubilee History makes no mention of this notable event. 


A former banner was presented by the sponsoring Lodge, King Henry VIII No.1757 and was dedicated 5th May 1950.  This being a painted banner, it suffered badly and presumably due to its poor condition, the lodge committee decided to obtain a replacement which was made by Mrs. A. Foster of Boxmoor. The original banner has not been located.


As King Henry VIII Lodge were sponsors,  the crest depicts a Tudor Rose which was the crest of "Gloriana" the poetic name of the daughter of Henry VIII, later to be Queen Elizabeth I.


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