Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Grovelands Lodge No: 5692

The Lodge was originally in London, and later moved to Hertfordshire. The banner was presented by W.Bro.Steve Mitchell and had been made by his wife. The dedication took place January 1970. The banner depicts Grovelands House in Grovelands Park, Southgate.


When the Lodge closed, the Banner was going to be presented to Grovelands House after which the Lodge was named, for display in the entrance Hall of what is now a rehabilitation centre. However the staff at Grovelands House have confirmed that they never received it, and after much searching the banner has been found at the Southgate Masonic Centre! 


The Lodge originally in London, transferred to Hertfordshire and met at Sawbridgeworth.  It is assumed that the banner may have been taken to Southgate for later taking to the nearby Grovelands House. The banner is shortly to be taken to be placed in storage.