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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Old Stortfordian Lodge No: 5721
The origins of the Old Stortfordian Lodge lay in the hands of several old boys and masters of the school, whose ideas and initiatives led to its foundation. Their wish to form a lodge centred on the school which would accommodate those living some distance away.
The Lodge was established primarily for the association and convenience of old stortfordians and adapted the school badge as its crest. Sponsored by Stortford Lodge No. 409, the lodge was consecrated by the RW Bro Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey in the school memorial hall. 
The banner shows the Stortford school’s building entrance located on the borders of Essex and Hertfordshire. The open book is the Volume of the Sacred Law with the words  “Verbun Dei” the “Word of God”. The scroll beneath carries the words “Soli Do Gloria”,  “Glory To God Alone”.
The Lodge banner, funded by the Lodge and its members, was dedicated by the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Colin Harris, on 25th May 2013. This date coincided with the Old Stortfordian Lodge's 75th Anniversary. The design was based on an illustration which was originally produced - while at Bishop's Stortford College - by the late W Bro Keith Smith.
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