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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Hertfordshire Imperial Yeomanry Lodge No: 3192

The Lodge was consecrated at Restaurant Frascati, London, as a London lodge by V. W. Bro Sir Edward Letchworth, the Grand Secretary, on 12th December, 1906. One of the founders was R.W. Bro T.F. Halsey, the then Deputy Grand Master and Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire, who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Regiment. The sponsoring Lodge was Acacia Lodge No. 1314. The Lodge was established for the convenience of all ranks who served with the Herts Yeomanry Cavalry, the 42nd Company Imperial Yeomanry (1900-01), the Herts Imperial Yeomanry, the Herts Yeomanry (Territorial Forces), permanent staff thereof and for sons of the aforesaid. 

The Lodge transferred to Hertfordshire on 11th September 1991. The banner shows the crest of the regiment and also lists the regimental battle honours. The 1st and 2nd Banners are almost identical. The current Banner was dedicated 2nd January 2007 at the centenary meeting. Both banners depict the regimental badge but in place of the regimental name the warrant date has been inserted. The background shows the Regimental colours in vertical stripes.


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