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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Herts Scots Lodge No: 9527

A number of Brethren who meet at Halsey Masonic Hall are first or second generation Scots . Furthermore, the Cheshunt Centre has for many years hosted a most successful 'Burns Night'. From this annual event was born a much smaller, more intimate and more focused 'Bums Appreciation Society'. This in turn gave added impetus to the oft mooted concept of forming a Lodge of Hertfordshire Scots which was consecrated on 30th November 1993.


Whilst Scottish origin or descent is not an essential qualification for membership, an affinity with, and an appreciation of things Scottish is an obvious advantage. The lodge working is unique in as much as it is based on a modem Scottish ritual modified to comply with the requirements of The United Grand Lodge of England. The lodge crest is a Scottish Thistle containing a Hertfordshire Hart. The lodge does not have a banner.

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