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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Hooks Cross Lodge No: 8705

The lodge was consecrated on 15th October 1976 and takes its name from a local hamlet on the Stevenage to Hertford Road. The proprietor of the local Inn, The Three Horse Shoes, an enthusiastic mason, together with others locally unattached, made representations to form a new lodge. Their petition was answered and the Hooks Cross Lodge was consecrated at the Cloisters, Letchworth.  


The Lodge Crest forming the centre of the banner was designed by W.Bro.C.H.Gilbert and shows two Harts by a stream, thought to be the River Beane on a Volume of the Sacred Law, with a Motto 'Esto Perpetua'­' or Be Thou Eternal'. The design which was performed by the members and funded by the lodge was readily accepted and approved . The banner was dedicated on 29th May 1981. 

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