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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

White Star Lodge No: 8727

White Star Lodge was conceived aboard the yacht "White Star" in 1974, and was consecrated by the Grand Secretary on 13th January 1977. The first master was RW Bro Guy Halsey, Provincial Grand Master. The founders included members or past members of the executive of the Craft, Royal Arch and Mark Degrees. It was envisaged as a forum for discussions between the members of the executives of all the masonic orders of the province.


It is a very simple banner that was made from the personal pennant of V.W.Bro. Donald Forester a director of the White Star shipping line which shows a white star on a red background. The flag was altered and converted as required by the Past District Grand Master of Pakistan, R.W.Bro. Dr.Khambatta who donated the cost. The banner was dedicated by R.W.Bro. Lord Swansea on 13th January 1983. 

Today the line is most famous for their innovative vessel Oceanic of 1870, and the Olympic class ocean liners, including the unfortunate and ill-fated RMS Titanic.

The lodge was erased at the Grand Lodge meeting of 8th March 2023. The members had decided that the original purpose of the Lodge had expired due to the advancement of Information Technology.

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