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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Old Albanian Lodge No: 4999

The Old Albanian Lodge No. 4999 was consecrated by dispensation at Freemasons' Hall under the sponsorship of Halsey Lodge by RW Bro Charles E Keyser MA, JP, FSA, PGW, Provincial Grand Master for Hertfordshire.  The consecrating officers were elected honorary members of the lodge and presented with a replica of the founders jewel.  The founders and all those who have belonged since, were all Old Boys or Staff of St. Albans School. Interestingly, the boys when entering the school, were presented with a history of  the school and abbey  in which reference  is made to the  

"Patron  Saint of freemasonry, St. Alban". The lodge enjoys   the privilege of meeting in the  13th century Abbey Gateway, now  part of the School, close to St. Albans Cathedral of which it once formed part. The crest and motto adopted by the lodge are those of the school, the history of which dates from Abbot Ulsinus in 948 AD.   The lodge is an active member of the federation of school lodges and was consecrated on 19th May, 1928.


There appears to be no official record of the first banner now boxed and protected. The second banner was dedicated on the 10th March 1973 and the third, 10th May 2003.  The first two banners are very similar and depict the school gatehouse over the emblem of St.Albans and the school. The third is a far simpler design with just the emblem of St.Albans. The motto on all banners is ’Mediocria Firma’ which when translated means "Keep to the straight path".

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