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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Welwyn Garden City Lodge No: 5748

Four golfers at Welwyn Garden City Golf Club suggested the idea of a new masonic lodge for the town. The consecration took place at Ashwell House, St. Albans on 28th October 1938. There were fifteen founder members whose aim was that the ideals of freemasonry should be prominent amongst the social amenities to be incorporated in the development of a new town.


The lodge has met at the masonic suite, Park House and the Cherry Tree in Welwyn Garden City, and now at Mayflower Place, Hertingfordbury.

The badge on the banner is the same as that used by Welwyn Garden City Limited and depicts a township in rural surroundings high above the sea to symbolise the healthy Garden City atmosphere. In place of the usual columns to each side, there appear to be ribbons and festoons. The original lodge banner was dedicated in December 1960 and cost £66, but after some 50 years of usage it was begining to show its age. Thus a new banner was commissioned and the old banner eventually retired when the new one was dedicated in 2017 by Jay Patel, APGM.

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