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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Oxhey Lodge No: 6864

Sixteen brethren gathered together to found the Oxhey Lodge . They all lived locally in Oxhey and Watford and the chapel from that area which is the central emblem of the banner was built by a Sir James Altham in 1612, on a site which has been used as a place of worship for 1200 years. The founders enjoyed considerable help and cooperation from the sponsoring Lodge, Rickmansworth Lodge, No. 2218.


The diverse occupations of the founders was reflected also in the range of workings put forward for consideration; however, three of their number, who had regularly attended at the Emulation Lodge of Improvement at Freemasons' Hall, carried the day and established Emulation as the working for Oxhey Lodge. The lodge was consecrated by RW Bro Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey on 21st July, 1949 where the lodge was presented with a new Volume of Sacred Law, which had first been used in the Oxhey Chapel in 1852.

The banner was funded and purchased by all the members in memory of W.Bro.George W. Sayell and dedicated by W.Bro Geoffrey Pryke on 19th October 1991. At the dedication the members and the Provincial Choir sang a rousing anthem. The central portion of the banner is a depiction of the Oxhey Chapel. The 1852  Volume  of the Sacred Law used by the lodge came from that chapel and the collection box is a carved model of it. The banner has a dark blue blue background, with the square and compasses and dedication date included. The name of the lodge is in gold lettering on a light blue background.

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