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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Square Conduct Lodge No: 6816

The lodge was consecrated on 16th May 1949 by RW Bro Sydney A White, MVO, PGW, Grand Secretary. The lodge was originally a London lodge but moved to Hertfordshire.

The central part of the banner depicts the two tablets on which are engraved the ten commandments. Both tablets are shown as being placed at the foot of a mountain - which is, of course represents Mount Sinai.


In the upper left and right corners the banner also incorporates a square and compasses and a level with a slotted bevel. The rest of the banner has an eliptical design stating that the banner was presented in memory of W.Bro. W.J.J.Kingdon, LGR, LGCR. The banner was dedicated on 22nd February 1988 at the Southgte Masonic Centre.

The lodge is now closed and the banner stored at Fleet House.

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