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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Woodhall Park Lodge No: 7125

The lodge was consecrated on 28th January, 1952.


The image of the banner on the left is taken from a black and white photograph of the members taken in 1965, unfortunately the lower part is obscured by one of the members. However, from an analysis of the photograph it would appear that the photo was taken at the dedication meeting.


The banner was presented by Bro Dearman and made by his daughter who was a student at the Royal College of Needlework. The banner could be at Mayflower Place, or it may have been returned to the Royal Colleg of Needlework; research continues as to its whereabouts. The emblem depicts Woodhall Park with three Harts in the foreground to commemorate the original meeting place of some young Masons at the Three Harts public house near the Woodhall Park Estate. They agreed to form a new Lodge and commemorate their meeting place in this way.

Woodhall Park was then the home of the Abel-Smith's, and the house is now the venue for Heath Mount School - a private school and one of the local schools that is linked to Haileybury College thereby retaining its links with the Abel-Smith family who co-founded Haileybury in 1892. The lodge is now closed, but met at Hertingfordbury. As at today, the whereabouts of the banner is not known.

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